Research Progress

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The main work that has been done recently has been in two areas: 1) collecting histories, pictures, etc., and assembling some newsletters. These newsletters will continue, but probably only being issued twice a year. Now, more work is being done in the second area; 2) checking existing genealogy records for work that needs to be done. The beginning of this involved mainly working with books of family group sheets of the old style (legal size paper - old Book of Remembrance style), mostly for the Jacobson and the Anderson lines. The work on the Jacobson line was done primarily from the early 1900's and included work with hired researchers in Denmark. The Anderson work was done also from the early days, as recorded in the Peter Anderson temple book. Early work was done by Melvin Lyman and then in the 1960's and 1970's, Maurine Widdison and Forrest Buchanan did extensive research. Most of the sheets that were used to put the work on the computer came from these last research efforts. These sheets have now mostly been put on the computer. Work is now being done to verify the status of the work and to try to extend the research on some of the lines. All of this is detailed in the research notes linked below.
There is considerable research being done in the Dutson and Lovell families. The best way to keep up to date with their work is to get involved with the reunions and refer to the Dutson family books.

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