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Research Processes

  • Details of research 2004-2005
  • Feb.-Mar. 2006: Work done to copy family group sheets to PAF. Checked for temple work in IGI. Submitted work to be done.

Research Plans

There were a number of people found in the family group sheets where the work was found that needed to be done and some of these were submitted and completed. More research needs to be done on the others. Some of the lines can be studied to find if more information can be found. Anyone who wishes to help on any of this work, please contact Joseph Buchanan. If you wish to do some of the Danish work, I am willing to spend some time helping you know what to look for.
  • Review the families on file for any more that need temple work done.
  • Research some of the end lines in original Danish records.
  • Start working on compiling histories for Eddie and Delilah Jacobson. Some details have been collected, but more can be done and then a formal writing of the histories can begin.

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