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Research Processes

  • Sep.-Oct. 2007: Work done to copy family group sheets to PAF. Along with this work, some research sheets (mostly in pencil from research done by Forrest Buchanan in the 1970's) were also added to the file. These are on the Pind line.
  • October 2007 - names in the PAF are being checked with the IGI to see what temple work still needs to be done. At the end of the month, some of the names had been reviewed and names submitted for temple work.
  • November 2007 through February 2008 - a fair number of names have bene found that needed temple work done. Most of these have now been done.
  • April 2008 - In working on the existing names, I noticed that there are still a lot of unknowns in the Pind line. I know my father worked on this line quite a bit. I started looking up the research notes to find the actual records on microfilm. In working on that this month, I have found that some references cannot be found, or do not make sense. I did find some and was able to extend some research in one particular area. I found the birth record of Anna Pedersen (Pedersdatter), wife of Anders Pedersen Pind (they were married in 1712). Upon finding her birth record (29 Oct 1690), I decided to look for her brothers and sisters and found that she was one of 7 children. it appears then that her mother died because there were 5 more children, but the mother's name was different. Her father and step mother have had temple work done, but her mother has not and neither have any of her siblings and half siblings. This is an example of where someone can find the original record of some of these people and see if more work can be done from there. I mainly would like to see the source information verified on as many as possible. The hard part of it is that my father used the old film numbers (4 digits with item numbers) and the new system has 7 digits. This film i used was originally called "9760 pt 1" but is now film 0052502.
    For actual details see Research notes for April 2008.

Research Plans

In going through the old style family group sheets, there were two significant issues that were unresolved. 1) about a third of the sheets do not seem to tie in with the family; and 2) there are some questions about a number of the names and dates that need further research. Also, in the process of going through records, there are a number of folders compiling research work that was done a number of lines in the Anderson genealogy. Below is a list of specific areas where research needs to be done. Most of these requires work with the original Danish on microfilms, but the first can be done without that knowledge. Anyone who wishes to help on any of this work, please contact Joseph Buchanan. If you wish to do some of the Danish work, I am willing to spend some time helping you know what to look for.
  • Compare and resolve the unknown families, especially with the old Peter Anderson temple book
  • Research some of the questioned information in original Danish records.
  • Review the Pind line and research - find the original films and continue the original research
  • Go through the folders of research notes left from Forrest's research, see where the work can be continued. Even the process of sorting through these and setting up the research areas needs to be done.

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