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Temple Work Booklet - Recordings of work , etc., donated to the building of the Manti Temple (1878-1887) - John Lovell and Peter Anderson

Oak City Independence Day program 1887, Ole H. Jacobson, Mashall of the Day (in his handwriting).

Some pages from the 1903/4 YMMIA minutes book
Some pictures of family heirlooms
Some pictures of a jewelry box and its contents
Eddie M. Jacobson - Interview questions answered by him about his life (requires login)

Hans Jakobsen
Ole Hansen Jacobson (1853-1930)Link to history
born 1 Jan 1853, Klovtofte, Copenhagen, Denmark
Maren Hansen
John William Dutson (1828-1887)Link to history
born 28 Sep. 1828, Aylestone Hill, Herefordshire, England
Rebecca Deseret Dutson Jacobson (1855-1937)Link to history
born 28 Jan 1855, St Louis, St Louis, MO
Elizabeth Jane Cowley Dutson (1829-1902)Link to history
born 2 Dec. 1829, Kirk German, Isle of Man, England
   Other ancestors of his:
William Green (1755-1843)Link to historyborn 1755, Lugwardine, Gloucs., England
Ann Green Dutson Carling (1802-1893)Link to history
born 3 Oct. 1799 (or 1802), Lugwardine, Herefordshire, England

Sarah Delilah Anderson Jacobson - her autobiography (requires login)

Jens Andersen
Anders Peder Anderson (1847-1932)Link to history
born 10 Dec 1847, Taarnborg, Soro, Denmark
Anders Peter Andersen family

Ane Pedersen Andersen Lovell (1824-1920)Link to history
born 18 Mar 1824, Sonderup, (Aarslev), Soro, Denmark
John Lovell (1812-1881)Link to history
born 9 May 1812, Worle, Somersetshire, England
Martha Ann Lovell Anderson (1849-1919)Link to history
born 24 March 1849, Mosquito Creek, Iowa
Ann Parsons

1877 Letter from Mary Fry Lovell to John Lovell

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