Jens and Ane Pedersen Andersen Family Group

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Husband's Parents

Anders Larsen
and Sidse Marie Knudsen

----> Jens AndersenLink to sources
   Born 7 Jan. 1822 Ørslev, Holbaek, Denmark
   Died 21 Oct. 1855 Fillmore, Millard, Utah
Ane Pedersen (or Anna Jorgensen) Link to history Link to sources
   Born 8 Mar. 1824 Sønderup, Sorø, Denmark
   Died 28 July 1920 Oak City, Millard, Utah
   Married 1 Dec. 1846 Taarnborg, Sorø, Denmark
She later married John Lovell Link to family chart
on 4 Apr 1857.
Wife's Parents

Peder Jorgensen
and Kirsten Hansen

12 Anders Peter Anderson Link to historyLink to sources
10 Dec. 1847 - 9 Apr. 1932
Married Martha Ann Lovell Link to history Link to family chart 14 Apr. 1873
Married Annie Lyman Link to family chart 9 Oct 1882
The 1st child of Jens and Ane Pedersen Andersen
Christian Anderson
19 Feb. 1853 - 3 Oct. 1876
Married Ane Cathrine Christensen 17 Apr. 1871Link to family chart
NOTE: a photo including the children of Christian and Ane Catherine is included in the history of Joseph Smith Anderson, next in this list.
The 2nd child of Jens and Ane Pedersen Andersen
12 Joseph Smith AndersonLink to history<-Click here for family photos
3 Oct. 1855 - 6 May 1925
Married Anne Margret Nielson 6 Dec 1875 Link to family chart
Married Ane Cathrine Christensen 6 Mar. 1879Link to family chart
The 3rd child of Jens and Ane Pedersen Andersen

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